Store contact information about your friends, family and colleges

ContactKeeper is a free personal information manager to store contact information about your friends, family, and colleges in one database file. You will never forget a birthday any more thanks to the integrated birthday reminder!

The pick of the bunch is the possibility to let ContactKeeper generate a birthday calender based on the dates of birth of the persons in the database!ContactKeeper is consciously very flexible, for example, only first name or last name is required, but not both, ContactKeeper is also consciously equipped with only a few basic fields, you can put extra information in the Note field.

You have also the freedom under wich format you want to save phone numbers of an address, for that reason the address is stored in one field only and the street name for example isn't seperated from the postal code and city name. ContactKeeper can be very usefull in case you lose your gsm with all the numbers of your friends for example, so you still have a back-up.



ContactKeeper 1.5.0